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For over a decade, California Pacific Realty has provided outstanding Oakland property management services. One of the things we do particularly well is lease high-quality homes to high-quality tenants. Whether you have a vacancy now or you’re anticipating one in the near future, we can make sure your property is prepared. From establishing an accurate rental value to screening for tenants, our team is here to make the leasing process simple and stress-free.

Marketing Oakland Rental Properties
for Lower Vacancies

Our marketing strategies are designed to attract the largest pool of potential tenants to your rental property. Advertising a rental home is not as easy as it once was; the laws have changed dramatically, and we’re careful to comply with everything around the state’s strict fair housing regulations.

At California Pacific Realty, we protect you and your property.

The talented property managers and leasing agents on our team will design an online ad that includes high-quality photos, detailed and accurate descriptions, and all the details that potential tenants need to consider when they’re deciding whether to view your property.

While online advertising is the best and often most effective way to market a rental property in Oakland, we don’t stop there. We use our extensive network of real estate partners throughout the community to let all pertinent parties know that we have a desirable and attractive home available to rent to highly qualified tenants.

The result is a steady stream of potential residents coming to see your home. We will be on hand to discuss our rental criteria, assist with applications, and talk about the expectations we have for our Oakland tenants. Your vacancy time will be reduced when you use California Pacific Realty’s leasing program, and that means more money.

We lease rental homes in Temescal, Rock Ridge, Grand Lake-Merritt, Uptown, West Oakland, and surrounding areas.

Expert Tenant Screening Protects
your Oakland Investment

Screening tenants is complex. We want to find a resident who is responsible, communicative, and looking for a long-term home. We want to know they will pay their rent on time, take care of your property, and follow all the terms and requirements in the lease agreement.

Recent fair housing laws require us to be extra careful and to document the entire process.

Oakland, specifically, and California in general, has made it more difficult to screen potential tenants. For example, we cannot run criminal background checks before we approve a tenant. We can no longer prevent people with Section 8 housing vouchers from applying. Rent control and eviction laws have illustrated the importance of working with a qualified and experienced Oakland property management team.

We’re that team, especially when it comes to leasing your rental property and screening your tenants. We work within the legal requirements to thoroughly inspect the backgrounds of your potential tenants and approve a highly qualified renter for your property.

Tools for Screening Potential Oakland Tenants:

  • We verify income.

  • We check credit and financial stability.

  • We confirm identity.

  • We check landlord references and past rental history.

  • We look for prior evictions nationwide.

Everything in our screening process is documented and legally compliant, leaving you with peace of mind and a highly qualified, well-screened Oakland tenant.

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