When a tenant doesn’t pay rent, you need to take some specific steps to collect the late rent and ensure this does not become a pattern. Today, we’re talking about what to do with a delinquent tenant who doesn’t pay on time or doesn’t pay at all.

Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent on Time: Three Day Notice

It’s important to give your tenant a Three Day Notice when rent is late. This notice must be filled out completely and without mistakes. Any errors, no matter how simple they are, will cause you problems later in the process.

Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent: Hire an Attorney

Once you have given the Three Day Notice to your tenant, do not take anything less than full rent. After that, you should hire the right attorney. Look for an expert in landlord and tenant law who knows the requirements of your specific service area. For example, a San Jose attorney will know the codes and laws in San Jose better than an attorney in Oakland. And, an Oakland attorney will know the local requirements in Oakland better than a San Jose attorney. Attorneys know their regional areas best, and you want to find an expert.

The best way to avoid a late rent payment is to have consistent rent collection policies in place. You also want to make it easy for tenants to pay rent. Provide a way for tenants to pay online if you can.

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