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Are you considering moving to Berkeley? Then it is the best decision you can make to uplift your lifestyle in California. The liberal Californian city of Berkeley is recognized for its prestigious university and is one of the great alternatives to San Francisco. 

It is located in Alameda county, with a population of 119,607. Living here offers residents and investors an urban-suburban mix feel and high quality of life. It is also home to blossoming organic food, scenic hiking trails, and mesmerizing vineyards. So if you are going to live in Berkeley, then professional property managers at California Pacific Realty can make your move easy. 

However, it is crucial to consider several factors, such as demographics, proximity, job employment, and education, to find the best location for your stay. 

Here is what you should consider before moving to Berkeley.

Why should you move to Berkeley?

The city of Berkeley has a lot to offer to renters and investors. It is home to the University of California, Berkeley, which reflects the city’s culture. Its residents are also in the process of learning and growing. 

And it’s not unlikely that you’ll be an enthusiastic California Golden Bears football team fan once you have moved to Berkeley. Aside from its small population, Berkeley is also known for its high quality of life. It’s a safe city with a low crime rate and various parks and places to hang out. It is also known for its multicultural community, and you can feel at home in any part of the city.

Apart from this, below are several advantages of moving to Berkeley. 

Berkeley Population 

Berkeley is the 51st most populated city in California out of 1,571 cities, with a population of 119,607 people. While most residents are young adults, many older residents live in the city, making it an excellent place for retirement. 

With 19 hospitals in the city, you can also see numerous home health care providers and 421 senior living facilities. While Berkeley is typically considered a college town, there are different recreational activities to keep you busy.

Housing Market

Berkeley’s housing market is the most competitive in the country. Most property isn’t on the market for more than a few weeks. Since Berkeley is a desirable place to live, competition is too fierce, and housing is expensive. 

Especially since it gets competitive before the semesters begin in the fall and winter, finding a place to rent when the new school year starts becomes more challenging. The supply goes down because students strive hard to get apartments near schools and universities. 

Due to university student demand, 57% of the households in Berkeley are renter-occupied. The median monthly rent for the apartment is $3,275, and 90% of Berkeley rentals are over $2,000 monthly.

Weather and Seasonal Variations

Another reason you should move to Berkeley is its pleasant and warm weather. Seasonal variations in Berkeley are limited to cool and moist winters and dry, warm summers. Locals love the Mediterranean climate, which never gets too hot or cold. While December and January are the coolest months, August and September are the warmest in Berkeley. 

Locals rarely have to seek shelter from the storm, while most of the time, they are out enjoying the 265 sunny days the sector sees a year. As in any California community, you must always be aware of natural disasters or potential earthquakes in the province since they can happen anytime.

A Flourishing Job Market

Berkeley, CA, has a strong economy. Compared to the U.S. unemployment rate of 6.0%, the unemployment rate in Berkeley is 5.1%, which is relatively low. The median household income for a resident is $42,406 a year, much higher than the U.S. average of $28,555 a year. 

Amongst all, health care, social assistance, retail trade, manufacturing, accommodation and food services are the top-ranking industries in Berkeley. However, the largest job sector in Berkeley is educational services, which comprise over 25% of the workforce. 

The city’s top employers are the University of California Berkeley, The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, and the City of Berkeley. 

Since the market is competitive, securing work before you move to the city is a good idea. Also, many Berkeley residents commonly seek employment in neighboring cities such as Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. Other top employers in Berkeley include the City of Berkeley, Pacific Steel and Kaiser Permanente. 

Traffic and Transportation

Transportation is a crucial aspect of any move. The compact city of Berkeley is easy to navigate and is just 23 miles from the San Francisco airport. Berkeley is accessible by train, bus, car or by rapid transit. Traveling by car can be challenging to drive during rush hours. 

However, interstate 580, the major north-south thoroughfare, and east-west I-80, the Bay Bridge, connect Berkeley to San Francisco. The Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system efficiently provides access to San Francisco, the greater metro Bay Area and Oakland Airports. 

Its BikeHub service makes parking and repairing your bike easy and convenient in certain stations. The walk score in Berkeley is 81 out of 100, and the bike score is 85 out of 100, so it’s considered a very bike-friendly and walkable city. The transit score is 59, which is surprising for BART’s notoriety and popularity. 

Schools and Universities

As a hub for the world’s most famous colleges, the city touts top-of-the-line education in a sensational and scenic environment. Located on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay, Berkeley consistently ranks among the top-educated cities in the country. 

The University of California, Berkeley, is also a nationally recognized institution. The city has over 122,000 residents, with one-fourth enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley. Many options are available if you’re looking for a Berkeley moving company to relocate your school or university.

The city is known for its liberal activism, diverse culture, and environmental consciousness. Located near San Francisco, residents of Berkeley enjoy being close to the city while maintaining a quiet, intimate feel. Nevertheless, the city’s cost of living is significantly higher than the national average, making homeownership out of reach for the average household.

Recreation Options

When it comes to recreational options, like entertainment, food, and beauty, Berkeley offers it all. Situated on the eastern shore of San Francisco, UC Berkeley provides plenty of recreational activities for the community. There are many fascinating things to do and see in the city. 

You can spend months exploring the city without going into San Francisco. Whether you enjoy restaurants, parks, museums, art or history, you will be close to places that best fit your interests. 

The city is known for its ethnic restaurants and various unique shops that delight the whole family. There’s also plenty of shopping to be done, too. The city’s Gourmet Ghetto is an excellent place to visit for a sit-down or quick-bite meal. You can always visit Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley’s downtown shopping district if you’re not into restaurants. 

Best Neighborhoods

Many popular neighborhoods in Berkeley are made up of students, employees and young adults attending the campus in town. A subdivision north of the college is more serene than living in Downtown Berkeley and thickly populated with commercial business. 

North of the city center is Gourmet Ghetto, famous for its large population of restaurants. West Berkeley, the former town of Ocean View, was the hub of the industrial age back in the day. Now the location has different loft-like apartments that are popular among locals.

Vibrant Cultural Scene

Berkeley’s constant cultural activities range from a small part to its large student population. City residents enjoy a wide variety of cultural and entertainment options, including museums, parks, theaters, nightclubs, orchestras, restaurants, and more. 

People’s park, Telegraph Avenue, and the Berkeley Marina are some of the many gathering spots in the region. Residents from various ages and backgrounds participate in and enjoy the city’s grand yearly cultural events, including the Berkeley Arts Festival, Jewish Music Festival, and the Solano Avenue Stroll.

Tax Rates

Property taxes in Berkeley, CA, are relatively low compared to other taxes, like sales and income taxes. Alameda County assesses 0.866%, a bit above the California property tax but lower than the national average. The sales tax in Berkeley is 10.25%, much higher than the national average of 7.3%. Berkeley’s average income tax rate is 9.3%, much higher than the U.S. average of 4.6%.

Cost of Living

Though the cost of living in the city is 52.9%, higher than the national average, the place offers several other benefits that make a living lucrative. Though many other cities across the U.S. are less expensive, many have a high unemployment rate. 

However, Berkeley offers employment opportunities for everyone who moves here. According to CNN Money, $97,067 is the median family income, and $551,188 is the median home price. A one-bedroom apartment in the region starts at a minimum of $1,500. It rises much higher depending on the locale and luxury of the unit.

Improve Your Berkeley Rental Experience With California Pacific Realty

Peaceful LifeAll the above aspects make Berkeley ideal for students, employers and older people who want a peaceful atmosphere and life. Families can also live in Berkeley and raise their kids as the city offers standard education facilities and recreational activities. No matter where you are coming from, California Pacific Realty can help you move until you find the perfect rental home.

To learn more about the Berkeley rental market and current trends, contact us at California Pacific Realty.