Moving residents in and out of properties is an important but time-consuming process that all landlords and property managers must complete. At California Pacific Realty, we serve the entire Bay area from our Oakland base, and we have been using a valuable program that makes move-in and move-out inspections a lot easier.

We’re telling you about that program today, and hoping that it will help you with your rental units or your entire property management portfolio.

Rental Property Inspection Checklists: What is zInspector?

The zInspector program is designed to help with your move-in and move-out inspection checklists. There’s a lot to manage when you’re inspecting a home before a tenant moves in, and your inspection after a tenant moves out is even more important. Your goal is to accurately and thoroughly document the condition of the property at each time period.

We know that a lot of rental property owners would hand the move-in checklist to a tenant in case there was anything to add, and then they would never get it back. Or, they’d get it back with illegible notes and tedious information that didn’t really stay focused on the intent of the move-in report.

With zInspector, we have access to a system that uses an app to take pictures of all your units using a 360 degree camera. Photos are taken before someone moves in as well as after someone moves out. This will allow you to manage your move-in and move-out inspections a lot more efficiently. You’ll save yourself time and you’ll streamline the process.

Tracking and Documenting Rental Property Condition

Not only does zInspector take pictures, it also puts a report onto the app and allows users to load their own checklists for the move-in and move-out process. This puts all the information you need in one place, and tenants can also mark things they see within the unit that might need attention. Then, you have a record of the property condition based on your own inspection and the tenant’s review. You can track all of this information and the steps that you take to repair and maintain your property. We think this is the best way to sync everything together and have the necessary information right there in front of you.

Keeping up with the best practices in property management is one of the things we do well at California Pacific Realty. We believe that educating ourselves on all the changes in the law and in industry standards makes us better Oakland property managers and allows us to deliver better value and more services to our owners, investors, and tenants. Sometimes, when we see a need, we get creative and try innovative solutions ourselves. When they work, we like to share the news. That’s what we’ve done with zInspector.

Tracking and Documenting Rental Property ConditionIf you have any questions about how to make your move-in and move-out inspections and process more efficient, please contact us at California Pacific Realty. We’d be happy to tell you more about zInspector, and share any additional resources we have.