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Available technology in the property management industry has really surged ahead in the last few years. At California Pacific Realty, we invest in the best property management software and the most innovative systems in order to manage your rental homes more effectively and efficiently. Technology saves us time and it saves you money.

We want to help you understand why technology should be such a big part of Oakland property management. Today, we’re discussing five key benefits to software systems like ours.

Accurate Rental Property Pricing

The rental value attached to your property has a huge impact on how long it’s vacant and what types of tenants you attract. You can go online and see what other homes are renting for; sites like Zillow and Craigslist might give you a general idea. But, you’ll be far more successful with reliable data that’s based on what properties actually rented for, and not what they were listed for.

It’s also important to compare prices with homes that are very similar to yours. If you’re renting out a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Oakland, you don’t want to waste time looking at rental prices for a three-bedroom home in Los Altos. Technology helps us gather good data and make accurate pricing recommendations.

Better Rental Property Marketing

Marketing your rental property is a lot easier with online advertising and the ability to syndicate your listings across all the most popular rental sites in and around Oakland. Our system allows us to post your vacant home on our own website as well as all the sites that potential tenants are using to find their next home.

With technology, we are also more responsive when it comes to scheduling showings and following up with prospective tenants and answering their questions.

Documented Screening and Application Processes

The process of screening applicants in Oakland is far more complex than it once was. We can no longer check criminal histories in the city of Oakland, and throughout California we’re now required to accept applications from tenants with Section 8 housing benefits. With an automated, consistent online application process, there’s no danger that one application will be treated differently than another. Our screening process is well-documented and requires us to treat every application equally. It would be very difficult to discriminate for any reason, and that keeps you and your properties fair housing compliant.

Efficient Maintenance Requests and Inspection Reports

Tenants use their online portals to submit routine repair requests. This allows us to respond quickly and easily. We evaluate the issue, assign the repair to a qualified vendor, and follow up when the work is complete. It also provides a documented list of what occurred during the reporting and repairing process. We have a record of when the request was made and what we did about it.

Inspection reports are much easier to share with our technology. As an owner, you’ll receive detailed reports with photos and videos so you know exactly how your property looks.

Transparent and Accurate Accounting Reports

Tracking the income and expenses associated with your Oakland rental property is a lot easier with good technology. We can provide reports, statements, tax forms, and anything you may need to get an idea of how your investment is performing. Use your online owner’s portal to track maintenance invoices, see if rent has been paid, and check your expenses.

Transparent and Accurate Accounting ReportsThese are just a few of the ways that technology helps us manage your property better. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us at California Pacific Realty.