A topic that a lot of property owners have asked me about is the landlord right of entry. You do have the right to enter a tenant-occupied property, but it has to be done in the proper way.

Landlord’s Right to Enter Property

We recommend that you give your tenants a 72 hour notice period before you enter the property. Let them know that you will be coming over for an annual inspection or for an owner’s walk through. This will give them time to prepare, and you’ll still be respectful of their privacy.

Conducting the Walk Through

When you’re inside the property and doing your walk through, be cognizant of your tenant’s right to live the way they are living. It’s not your place to tell them how to live. You own the home, but it’s the home that the tenants are living in, and they have the right to their own lifestyle. Your job is to physically look at the property and make sure everything is safe and functional. If you find something wrong while you’re there, let the tenants know in the proper way. That means documenting the problem in writing, and communicating it to the tenants.

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